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viernes, noviembre 10, 2006

Luis Ortigoza en Diana y Acteon

Funcion de "Diana y Acteon" en el Teatro Municipal de Santiago. Visite www.luisortigoza.com
Luis Ortigoza en Don Quijote

lunes, noviembre 06, 2006

domingo, noviembre 05, 2006

Tamara Rojo - Fouettes en el Teatro de Madrid 2005
Johan Kobborg & Tamara Rojo in Don Quixote

Royal Ballet
Bolshoi's Maria Alexandrova Don Quixote
Cupido - Ópera de Paris
Men's Grand Allegro at BRB

Grand Allegro Men's class at Birmingham Royal Ballet
KIROV GALA AT CG - 07. Diana & Acteon PD2 - Entree & Adagio

Larissa Lezhnina (Diana) & Faroukh Ruzimatov (Acteon)
KIROV GALA AT CG - 10. Diana & Acteon PD2 - Diana Variation

Larissa Lezhnina (Diana) & Faroukh Ruzimatov (Acteon)
Juichi Kobayashi - ballet lesson for boys
Flames of Paris- Joan Boada- male variation
Merce Cunningham - septet (1964)
Flame in Paris coda

Bolshoi Theatre
Vaganova Academy
Ballet Class China 2´d Level
Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake 3

4 cisnes
Ballet Class from Kirov

Beautiful video from a ballet class in Kirov. Ruzimatov, Makhalina.
Anna Pavlova The Dying Swan Kirov Ballet 1907

I remember when this clip was shown on Ed Sullivan in 1962. The reason she looks awkward to you is that she's trying to be lifelike -- she's actually enacting a dying bird, not being idealistic. This was very revolutionary for her time. Look closely. The tiny dark spot on the front of her dress? That's a religious badge -- only it's a picture of her hero Maria Taglioni. She always wore that. Read Fonteyn's book about her life. Skater Johnny Weir copies her style in some of his exhibitions.
Maya Plisetskaya The Dying Swan

The Dying Swan with primaballerina assoluta Maya Plisetskaya (Kirov Ballet, The Mariinksy Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia). Music: Camille Saint-Saens.
Maya Plisetskaya Laurencia, 1960
Maya Plisetskaya, Don Quixote 1960
Maya Plisetskaya, Don Quixote 1960
Ekaterina Maximova Don Quixote
Ekaterina Maximova Don Quixote
Kirov's Alina Somova in Queen of the Dydrads Variation!

Alina Somova in Don Quixote!!! From the collection of Mad_About_Mariinsky
1th Paquita variation- Alina Somova
Giselle Variación Myrtha 2º acto

Kirov Ballet
Giselle Variación Myrtha 2º acto

Kirov Ballet
Carla Fracci as Giselle

The incredible Carla Fracci performs Giselle's solo from act I. Beautiful. This clip is from 1968.
La Sylphide Rudolf Nureyev Carla Fracci

Rudolph Noureev & Carla Fracci in Jean Madeleine Schneitzhoeffer's ballet "La Sylphide".
Video is from 1972 year.
Savdenov Ruslan variation
Diana and Acteon Joseph Phillips

Joseph Phillips dancing Diana and Acteon
Joseph Phillips in Sylvia
Joseph Phillips in Don Quixote
Ballet Don Quixote Basil by Daniil Simkin