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viernes, diciembre 01, 2006

E. Maximova and V.Vasiliev (1953)

E. Maximova and V.Vasiliev (1953).
GLORY OF BOLSHOI - 34. Humpbacked Horse (1964) - Queen-Ivan

Maya Plisetskaya (Queen Maiden) & Vladimir Vasiliev (Ivan)

The Little Humpbacked Horse is based on a famous Russian fairytale.
Traditional Danish Dancing.
Stressed Panda
Matvienko Denis - Videobalet.net collection

Matvienko Denis - Videobalet.net collection
Aleksandr Buber & Miki Watanabe Flame of paris

Aleksandr Buber & Miki Watanabe ballet Flame of Paris Moscow2005
Aleksandr Buber Corsaire

Aleksandr Buber Ballet Corsaire Lankedem
Marian Walter in Diana & Acteon


in vaganova , who is saing in her interwue, that children are alredy very thin and way underweighted to begin with and that they are subjected to careful bodyweght wach becose the femal body can start develope in very diferent way, after the girl 14-15 years old -and than we see one alredy rejected, now student of faculty of ballet history , saing she is happy just the same.

Amazing old footage of swing dancers, set to hip-hop.

http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1690548" quality="best" width="400" height="300" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">

lunes, noviembre 27, 2006

Katherine Healy (13 años) 1983 International Ballet Competition

Katherine Healy, age 14, 1983 International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria. Gold medal in junior division. Excerpts from her solos to Sleeping Beauty and Le Corsaire.
flames of paris-rolando sarabia

rolando sarabia-varna international ballet competition
don quixote- Rolando Sarabia en Varna

domingo, noviembre 26, 2006

Cojocaru & Kobborg - La Fille mal gardée

Fragments of Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg dancing La Fille mal Gardée (cor Ashton, mus Hérold), from the documetary Cojocaru & Kobborg (the South Bank Show, 2005)
Flower's Festival - female variation

Nathalia Bolshakova
UTL Variations
Zhongjing Fang 15,Raymonda, winner of Grand Prix de Lausanne

Winner of:
2000 Grand Prix de Lausanne
The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation Prize at the Ninth International Ballet Competition in Paris.
1st Prize in the Junior Division of the Helsinki International Ballet Competition
1st Prize Junior Division of the Shanghai International Ballet Competition.
Currently with ABT
Z.J Fang's strong point technique--The Nutcracker variation

Zhong-Jing Fang in class practising variation from The Nutracker
Lyudmila Semenyaka Swan Lake Black Swan variation 1980
Grand pas Classique - guilleme y platell

nijinski biography, videoediting with photografy
GLORY OF KIROV - 06. Exercises (c.1920) Tamara Karsavina

Tamara Karsavina
GLORY OF KIROV - 13. Laurencia PD6 (1959) Ninel Kurgapkina & Rudolf Nureyev

Ninel Kurgapkina & Rudolf Nureyev
Moszkowski Waltz, Bolshoi 1940 Archive footage: Pyotr Gusev, Olga Lepeshinskaya

Archive footage: Pyotr Gusev, Olga Lepeshinskaya
AZARI PLISETSKI - Siegfried Swan Lake Black Pas de Deux

AZARI PLISETSKI - Siegfried Swan Lake Black Pas de Deux
Alicia Alonso, AZARI PLISETSKI - Odile Swan Lake Pas de deux

Alicia Alonso y AZARI PLISETSKI- Odil Swan Lake Pas de deux
Alicia Alonso - Odile Variation Ballet Swan Lake

Alicia Alonso Odile Variation Ballet Swan Lake
ART OF PD2 VOL.1 - 16. Don Quixote (1961) - Entree & Adagio Entree & AdagioMaria Tallchief (Kitri) & Erik Bruhn (Basil)

Maria Tallchief (Kitri) & Erik Bruhn (Basil)
ART OF PD2 VOL.2 - 22. Don Quixote (1993) - Kitri Variation

Tatyana Terekhova (Kitri)
Natalia Osipova (Bolshoi)

2. Natalia Osipova (19, Bolshoi), as Kitri in Don Quixote (2005)
Nadezda Pavlova Don Quixote Pas de Deux,1980

A decade before Sylvie Guillem Pavlova was showing off her high extensions
Sylvie Guillem, n°3
Sylvie Guillem - Wet Woman - Mats Ek

Trecho de Wet Woman, de Mats Ek
TOKYO Dancin 2
TOKYO Dancin
Aleksandr Buber Don Quixote

Aleksandr Buber variation ballet Don Quixote
Aleksandr Buber Acteon

Aleksandr Buber jackson2006 Acteon Variation & Coda ... (more)
Andris Liepa, Coppelia Variation, 1980

Bolshoi Gala 1980
Inhuman spins performed by Russian Red Army Dance Assemble
international ballet boys
baby laughing
Taller coreografico de la unam

Este es un efimero momento de los recitales del Taller Coreografico de la unam. Este es Héctor Leon.

Puedes ver mas en el Teatro arq. Carlos Lazo en la Facultad de Arquitectura de la UNAM Ciudad de Mexico Viernes a las 12:00 Entrada Libre y los domingos en la Sala Miguel Cobarrubias a las 12:00 Precios populares
Corsaire men variation and coda: Brooklyn Mack